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Metro Property Inspections

Metro Property Inspections was founded over 25 years ago. MPI is recognized as one of the most respected inspection companies in the Omaha Area. Metro Property Inspections has inspected over 10,000 residential and commercial properties in the Omaha Area and throughout the Midwest. Metro Property Inspections has been engaged to inspect properties throughout Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, and, as far away as Cincinnati, Ohio. We are one of the most thorough inspection companies in the country because we not only follow the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), but we exceed those Standards whenever possible rather than allowing those Standards to limit our work. In our opinion, the ASHI Standards are minimum standards and we strive to exceed them whenever possible. MPI’s founder was a Certified Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors and was President of the Omaha Home Inspectors chapter and was instrumental in converting the group to an ASHI Chapter.

At Metro Property Inspections, you can be assured that we work for YOU!

Whether you’re the purchaser or the seller of a property, we provide a complete, unbiased, fair and honest assessment of the physical condition of the property.

Metro Property Inspections does not participate in any “Preferred Vendor” programs in the Omaha Area or in any other area, which would place us in partnership with any Real Estate Company. We do not rely on “paid for” referrals to business. Our proven expertise, thoroughness, experience, honesty, and the personal desire of our inspectors to do a thorough job is the reason we are one of the most competent companies in the Omaha Area. We would never “overlook” or “minimize” any problem or deficiency to avoid repercussions from any agent or seller. as such we elected to resign from the local ASHI Chapter after several of its members joined “Preferred Vendor” programs. As noted, these programs can adversely affect the integrity of our profession and leaving the chapter was a better option than passively accepting the ethical breach of the ASHI Standards.

At Metro Property Inspections our pricing is fair and reasonable. We are comparable to the other experienced inspection companies in the Omaha Area. However, many of these experienced companies do participate in the type of programs described above – so you can’t be certain that they have your best interests at heart. We spend our time and efforts working for YOU, no one else. Even though it is literally impossible to find every problem in every home in the Omaha Area, our goal is to discover as much as humanly possible, and provide that information to you, our client.

As part of our inspection process, we encourage your participation. Some of our clients in the Omaha Area desire to attend the entire inspection process. Since the inspection process for an average three bedroom home takes approximately 3 hours to complete, often this can be overwhelming to most buyers. We understand that your time is valuable. We have developed a process where you can come toward the end of the inspection. We then sit down and review the complete report, page by page, then walk around the property and point out any problems or concerns that we may have found. Additionally, at that time we can offer maintenance tips and answer any questions you might have about the home or property. This walk-thru process generally adds about an hour to the inspection time but is invaluable to you for future reference. As you call around for quotes, you’ll find many inspection companies allow 1½ to 2 hours for the complete process. We allow a minimum of 3½ hours per inspection and often extend beyond that time frame when the size or the condition of the property demands additional attention. Sometimes buyers are out of town and physically cannot attend. When this occurs, we e-mail the report and pertinent photographs to the client the evening of the inspections and are available for communication on the internet or phone. We can even arrange to return to the property for evening or weekend discussions to meet your needs.

Bottom line – Metro Property Inspections WORK FOR YOU and only YOU.

We perform Whole House Inspections at all of the cities and towns within 50 miles of the Omaha Area with no travel charges. Partial inspections may have a travel charge based on the type and cost of the inspection. We provide discounts for payment at the time of the inspection, and discounts for military, police, and firefighters. Call or e-mail us at metropropertyomaha@gmail.com or complete the form at the Contact Us section of this website for a quote for your inspection needs.

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons why you should consider using Metro Property Inspections for your next inspection. Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge, Capability, Experience, Value, and most importantly

We Work For YOU – Only For YOU.